Buddhist friends worldwide celebrate Master Jun Hong Lu’s birthday with Life Liberation


With the arrival of Buddhist Master Jun Hong Lu’s birthday in August, series of celebrations were launched in different locations around the world. Many Buddhist friends and groups sent their sincere birthday greetings through the practice of life liberation, wishing the Master remain longer in the world and spread the Buddha’s teachings far and wide.

Several of the prominent activities are the ones in Shizuoka, Japan; Kuala Sepetang, Malaysia; Bangkok, Thailand; Mandalay, Myanmar. In Japan, over 300 Buddhist friends performed fish liberation at a village in Shizuoka on July 21, 2018. Many of the friends traveled long distance from Osaka, Nagoya, Niigata, and Tokyo to attend this activity. After the life liberation, they watched Master Jun Hong Lu’s videos at a meeting hall and enjoyed delicious meals together. In Malaysia, boats carrying about 80 Buddhist practitioners set out from Kuala Sepetang for the Malacca Strait, where they released thousands of fish for Master Jun Hong Lu. In Thailand, volunteers from Guan Yin Citta Bangkok Chapter released giant turtles, wishing Master Jun Hong Lu longevity. In Myanmar, Buddhist practitioners traveled to the downstream of Irrawaddy River, which is the largest in the country, to perform fish liberation. At the same time, they propagated Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door on the boat, with the free distribution of books, DVDs, and flyers.  

As the founder of Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door, Buddhist Master Jun Hong Lu has devoted himself fully to transforming people’s lives with the wisdom of Buddhism. To carry out Guan Yin Bodhisattva’s mission in this world, he never stops preaching around the globe and helping people alleviate from suffering. Through his radio programs and books, he advocates “to ceasing from evil, to do only good, and to purify the mind”. His inspiring teachings and earnest practice won him love and respect from Buddhist practitioners around the world.  

There is a Chinese saying that a father’s love is like a mountain, silent and reliable. Although Master Jun Hong Lu is not the birth father of all the followers, he is the spiritual father who is placed in practitioners’ lives for their spiritual well-being. He prays for everyone, teaches everyone, and loves everyone. He uses plain language to bring words of Buddha, Bodhisattvas, and scriptures from history to people living in modern times. Master Jun Hong Lu, he is all the practitioners’ only Master, and the Master of the dearest. Wish him happy birthday and great health, Dharma propagation go smoothly and save more sentient beings!

Master Jun Hong Lu

Master Jun Hong Lu

Jun Hong Lu is the chairman and Director of Australia Oriental Media Buddhist Charity Association registered under United Nations Global Compact as NGO-Non Government Organisation since July 2015.