Free Vegetarian Food Tasting at Guan Yin Hall, New York

Free Vegetarian Food Tasting at Guan Yin Hall New York Picture 1

Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door holds “Free Vegetarian Food Tasting” at Guan Yin Hall, New York, for giving back to communities.

On 13th August 2017, Sunday Afternoon, the reporter arrived at the location of Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door, the Guan Yin Hall in Brooklyn, New York. Later, the reporter has also visited the weekly hosting event of “Vegan Food Tasting”. Nearly 200 dharma friends coming from New York has attended the event.

More than dozens of volunteers have helped to share their views from Buddhism learning and how to put into practice, these including cultivating compassionate mind, treating people in kind way, and supporting to build a harmonious society as well.

The event was presented with Buddhism teaching books and pleasant gifts, and all of them are available for free. On the day, more than ten different types of delicious vegetarian foods were served to public which were well prepared by the dharma friends. In the event, the video sharing about Master Jun Hong Lu and his international contributions was played.

Esther Yang, one of the event’s organiser, said, “We are proud to take the initiative to make tasty and healthy vegetarian food accessible to our community members. As our patron, Master Jun Hong Lu, often remind us that we should always think of those in need. Our compassion should not only extend to our family members and neighbours, but also to other sentient beings such as animals and other living beings.” “Adopting a vegetarian diet is an effective way to cultivate our compassion,” added Ms Yang. Attendees included local overseas Chinese, successful young professionals, as well as the members of social elites from different sectors. The Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door speaks about the profound Buddhism in plain terms, it has over ten million followers around the world. Over the past few decades, Master Lu has been making continuous efforts to promote world peace and harmony, helping people to maintain wellbeing of the body and soul by using Chinese Buddhism teaching.

Since the establishment of Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door in New York, it has been committed to promote the essence of Chinese Buddhist culture and organised several philanthropic and Buddhist learning events during Chinese traditional festivals in Chinese Spring festival, Dragon festival, and the birth of lord Buddha.There were about 100 volunteers that had practiced the spirit of Lord Buddha and GuanYin Bodhisattva in the way of selfless dedication to serve the community, caring for the vulnerable groups, supporting the peace and harmony of the society.

On 16th July, Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door held the grand charity event “Free Vegetarian Food Tasting” at Flushing, New York for celebrating the birth of lord Guan Yin Bodhisattva. The aim of the event is to support philosophy of being vegetarian to keep healthy lifestyle, promote vegan diet, and Chinese culture of Buddhism. Apart from that, it is also the opportunity to give something back to the society, the event received warm and supporting responses from the community. On the day, about 2000 Chinese people from New Jersey, Philadelphia, even the distant location in Boston coming to attend the event.

Guan Yin Citta welcomed dharma friends with well-prepared delicious vegan food and the Buddhist learning materials. In very short, all the learning materials were taken out by the enthusiastic guests. This again shows that the compassionate philosophy of being vegetarian to keep healthy has already been recognised and supported among many people.Master Junhong Lu (Justice of Peace) is the president, director, founder of Australia Oriental Media Buddhist Charity Association. With extraordinary dedication and compassion, contribution to the world peace, he has received affirmation and respect from the United Nations and international community. Through the philosophy of “Loving kindness and compassion, Master Jun Hong Lu has been continuously providing Buddhist teachings to promote the traditional Chinese culture, world peace and help people. In May 2017, he was invited to deliver keynote speech at New York in the UNESCO headquarter for the celebrating International Vesak Day. In September 2015, by the invitation of the president of the United Nations General Assembly, master Lu attended the summit on culture of global peace at the United Nations.

Master Lu is the highly respected spiritual teacher to over ten million dharma students globally. Many thanks to his outstanding leadership and service to the world, he has received the awards as Honorary Professor of University of Siena in Italy, and Malaysia Datuk. In September 2016, Master Junhong Lu was invited to give public speeches in five major cities including New York, Los Angeles, Houston in the North America, Toronto and Vancouver in Canada.On 18th September, Master Jun Hong Lu, Justice of Peace, held the event (The Art of Applying Comprehensive Metaphysics) Dharma Function at New York Madison Square Garden. More than ten thousands people have attended the unprecedented event. All the tickets and food are free of charge, and also available for the free Buddhist learning books, studying materials, as well as good luck statue of GuanYin Bodhisattva. Australia Oriental Media Buddhist Charity Association is registered under Australian Charity Commission required by law. Over the years, it has carried out numerous charitable activities, as well as made donations at over one million Australian dollars to world charity organisations for combating earthquake, flood, fires and natural disasters.

Master Jun Hong Lu

Master Jun Hong Lu

Jun Hong Lu is the chairman and Director of Australia Oriental Media Buddhist Charity Association registered under United Nations Global Compact as NGO-Non Government Organisation since July 2015.