Nourishing the Soul: Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door Vegetarian Gathering- Los Angeles, 16 July 2023

On July 16th, 2023, a huge vegetarian event was held in Rosemead Community Center by Guanyin Citta Buddhism Practice Los Angeles Chapter. More than 300 attendees and 110 volunteers joined the event. It was an enormous success. 

The event was to promote the Buddhism practice of Guan Yin Citta Dharma Door. It started with the introduction of the practice and Master Junhong Lu. Impressive videos of Master Lu performing individual totem reading were played, which showed Buddhist friends more thoroughly about cause and effect, karmic relationships both from previous lives and present lives, which could impact a person’s daily life, family and career.

One of the highlights was a high school graduate sharing his experience with the Buddhism practice. He was addicted to computer games and almost ended his life in one of the deadly suicidal games. His mother applied the GYCDD practice by doing Buddhist scriptures, making big vows, etc., and finally brought him back on track and saved the child’s life.

The LA center offered a vegetarian buffet with over 50 types of delicious meals to the attendees. There were free vegetarian recipe books and Buddhism books available on site as well.

Before the buffet started, everyone recited the Great Compassion Mantra, Heart Sutra and did the prayer. Practitioners from the LA center performed a dance called “My Thankful Heart”. They read Buddhism in plain terms both in Chinese and English. All these were to show the appreciation from the LA center to the visiting Buddhist friends.

The event was to build awareness among Buddhist friends of the cause and effect impact in life, do no evil and practice all good. Only by doing more good deeds can we improve our lives.

Last but not least, the great success of the event could not be achieved without the vast efforts of LA center practitioners/volunteers, who have always been so compassionate and generous. They have shown a perfect example of Buddhist characteristics and beliefs, such as no-self, realize self and others as one, and be giving.

The LA center is looking forward to more opportunities in the future, promoting Buddhism in the community and around the world.