LA Guanyin Citta Centra 2023 Mother’s Day Tea Party

On May 14th, 2023, the Mother’s Day Tea Party was held at LA Guanyin Citta Centre, and it was a huge success. The event was attended by Buddhist friends, children, mothers, and volunteers, all of whom contributed to making the event a memorable one.

The event started with enthusiastic support from Buddhist friends. The organizers would like to express their heartfelt thanks to all the Buddhist friends who participated in the event and made it successful. The participants enjoyed the event and expressed their gratitude for the organizers’ efforts.

The young Buddhists also played a significant role in the event. They recited the Great Compassion Mantra and the Heart Sutra, inspiring everyone with their dedication and love for Buddhism. They also expressed their love for their mothers, which touched everyone’s hearts.

The mothers who attended the event were also appreciated for imparting Buddhist wisdom to their children. The organizers acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of all the mothers who have played a vital role in instilling Buddhist values in their children.

One of the highlights of the event was the inspiring story shared by volunteer Zhang Hongyun. She talked about how she helped her mom battle lung cancer through reading a combination of Buddhist scriptures, practicing life liberation, and making great vows. Her story touched everyone’s hearts and inspired everyone to embrace the Buddhist way of life.

City Council member Samuel Kang (Mayor 2016, 2020) of the City of Duarte, California, also gave a touching speech at the event. He talked about how he met Master Lu and how to be a better parent and adult child. His speech was appreciated by everyone, and it motivated them to embrace Buddhist values in their daily lives.

Last but not least, the volunteers who made the event possible deserve a special mention. Their compassion, generosity, hospitality, selflessness, and Buddhist mindset made the event a huge success. The organizers extend their sincere gratitude to all the volunteers who made the event possible.

In conclusion, the Mother’s Day Tea Party was an excellent opportunity to celebrate the love and dedication of all the mothers in the world. The organizers look forward to hosting similar events in the future and spreading the message of Buddhism to the world.